A message from Adam Kronenberger, 2021 ORG Chair

Well, we are living in an ever-changing time and I hope you are all remaining healthy. Winter is in full swing and we have warmer weather to look forward to here in NE Ohio. The flowers will be blooming and birds chirping. It will be a sign of hopefully calmer times ahead on multiple fronts. I hope each of you had a relaxing Holiday season as we started off 2021 with some interesting twists.

We are working toward an online only tech session for our winter/spring meeting on Tuesday, March 2nd. (watch the news page for more details.) As a reminder, our Linkedin page is active and monitored. If you would like to bring an item to the public for discussion this is a great forum or feel free to reach out to the board members for any specific questions. If interested in presenting or have an idea for a presentation please contact Doug Foster, doug.foster@aceprodcon.com. I look forward to seeing you all soon and please reach out if there is anything you would like to see changed with the direction of the group in the future. I wish you all a great remainder of winter. Stay Safe and Healthy!