Scholarship Update:

Graduate Student Awards:

The Ohio Rubber Group has selected Kayla Williams-Pavlantos at The University of Akron to receive the $3000 ORG Graduate Student Award for 2021. Kayla is expected to graduate in May, 2023, with a PhD degree in Chemistry.  As a graduate student, she has done extensive work on the characterization of tire surfaces using Mass Spectrometry Imaging.  We look forward to having Kayla present her work at a future ORG Technical meeting.  

The Ohio Rubber Group has a long tradition of supporting The University of Akron.  The ORG sees a need to increase the number of technical graduates that enter the rubber industry both in northeast Ohio and nationally. Due to this need,  the ORG has initiated and funded the Ohio Rubber Group Graduate Student Award Scholarship.  This award was created to assist University of Akron Graduate Students who focus on rubber technology in their educational pursuit to complete their studies and obtain their degrees.  This award is open to any University of Akron graduate student who is pursuing a PhD involving rubber technology. Each year candidate students submit applications along with transcripts and letters of recommendation to the ORG Scholarship Committee.  This information is then used to select a group of students for face-to-face interviews with the Committee after which the final selection is made.  The very high caliber of the candidates makes the selection difficult, but the democratic process of voting is used to make the determinations.


Kayla Williams-Pavlantos, The University of Akron, Department of Chemistry


Paul Glasgow Memorial ORG Member Scholarship Award*:

This Award is available for ORG members who are currently employed in the rubber industry and want to further their careers by acquiring additional education.  The monetary value of the award is $2,000.  For further information on this award, please contact Joel Neilsen, Scholarship Chair, at joel.neilsen@lanxess.com.

Click here for the application.  Applications must be received by June 1, 2021.

In June, 2020, Charles Boyce was awarded the Paul Glasgow Memorial ORG Member Scholarship.  Charles is currently a Sales Manager for Alpha Technologies in Hudson, Ohio, and also the current Treasurer for the Ohio Rubber Group.  Charles plans on pursuing an MBA in the near future and will use the funds to help cover the associated expenses.  Congratulations Charles!


* In 2015, the Ohio Rubber Group Board decided to change the name of the award to honor Paul Glasgow, a long time member of the Group, other Rubber Groups, and the ACS Rubber Division who sadly passed away in 2015.


ORG Rubber Industry Co-op Award:

This Award is available for undergraduate college students who have completed at least two co-op or intern assignments in the Rubber Industry.  The monetary value of the award is $2,000.

For further information on this award, please contact Joel Neilsen, Scholarship Chair, at joel.neilsen@lanxess.com.

Click here for the application.  Applications must be received by June 15, 2021.




Funds for the scholarships are provided by The ORG Endowed Scholarship Fund and from Ohio Rubber Group's fund raising events.
Our goal is to grow The Fund to a self-sustaining level.  This goal has not yet been reached.


Donations are welcome and can be mailed to:
ORG Endowed Scholarship Fund
PO Box 341
Bath, OH   44210




 Updates on Past Scholarship Winners:


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